Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grrrrrr…. Bunny Hop

I am grumpy, cranky, pissy and downright in a really bad mood. That race did not go well. It is actually very simple: I raced 5-6 laps, had an asthma attack, and ta-daaaaaa, I was out. What else is new.

The day did not start in its best foot either. You see, I have these neighbors that, despite being married, the wife is the prototype of the cranky grumpy old maid and he is a schmuck. And they do not like dogs; they are actually the only people in this block who do not have any sort of critters to look after (critters being any kind of pet or children). And I have the good luck of having them living right next to me. Yay. So, they judge me, they bug me, and since they do not have a life, they mess with mine. So, this morning, when I was putting my bike on the roof rack, the bitch comes running to tell me that "YOUR DOGS WERE BARKING LATE LAST NIGHT!! I HEARD THEM AT 7PM!!! AND XX (the schmuck) GOES TO BED EARLY AND THEY DON'T LET HIM SLEEP!"... 7 pm... REALLY?!? I mean, how bad is she in bed that the poor schmuck feels compelled to go to sleep at 7 pm on a Saturday?!?

Anyhoo, I bit my tongue... This was before I had any coffee also and, let it be known, I am danger to humanity in that state. So, I told her I had to go to my race, while internally swearing for nth time to sell the house and move elsewhere, anywhere where this kind of anal retentive neighbors are illegal.

And off I went, hoping that she made me a favor by pissing me off as I usually ride a lot harder and stronger when I am pissed. That was a lot of wishful thinking…. Why is it called Bunny Hop by the way? I did not see any bunnies, but mostly a bunch of car dealers around. Or is it because of the potholes in the course that make us bunny-hop them? They are not *that* bad...

So, the race, I keep side tracking, it started pretty hard, I thought. Initially I was in the inside lane, which was the most protected area in terms of dealing with the wind, but soon I realized it was not a good place to be: that race was really sketchy. As a result, I moved to the outside as soon as I could, which was a lot safer, and windier. By the second lap, my chest started to close up. By the sixth lap, I could not breathe anymore. And that was it.

AARRRGGGHHHH – Now I was really pissed. I was actually not doing bad…. I thought the race was not easy or super slow (HEY, I AM A CAT 4 WOMAN!!!), but I was being able to hold on… Now I am having all of this buyer’s remorse… Maybe I should have toughen it up and stayed in, although the last time I did that with an asthma attack I ended up fainting during the race (It was a Cyclocross race, so it hurt a lot less than the pavement would have if I repeated the show), which I did not want to risk. Sigh.

F’ it. F’ asthma. I am pissed and I am frustrated. I am going to keep doing this until either I keep it under control, or it kills me. I’ve had it with it.


Too Slow said...

Hey, thanks for writing up your experiences. Bummer about the back of the van at HP, and your neighbors who are seriously flawed individuals if they do not like dogs, and the asthma attack at Bunny Hop, but stick with the racing, it's so addicting. Good luck this season!

CGM said...

Thank you for reading! and the same to you...