Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And I doubled up... Charm City Cross!

Or better said, I tried to, but was only partially successful.

Anyways. Let’s start from the very beginning (why do I always think of the “sound of music” when I say that?). As I had decided after the suffer-fest and the assorted pains and aches all over my body that resulted from the first CX race, nothing that was going to stop me from racing the following weekend… NOTHING… NOTHING… NOTHING except for, goddammit, work. Ugh. Two deadlines magically appeared on my calendar for Monday, which meant I dorked my entire weekend in front of the laptop while staring longingly at my bike. Sigh. Sometimes I hate being a grown-up.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It has begun… Tacchino Cyclocross!!

Every single muscle in my body hurts, I have bruises on my shoulder, forearm, legs and I think there is a bottom bracket imprinted on my lower back. Ouch. IT’S CYCLOCROSS SEASON, BABY!!!! And the first race was Tacchino CX at the beautiful Rosaryville State Park this last Sunday.