Monday, April 18, 2011


Hi y’all. C here. And as you probably already suspect, this is my first post.

So what is this about? This is about all things cycling, including training, racing, commuting adventures and most likely misadventures (and let’s face it, misadventures are usually much more entertaining and fun than things always going peachy), and all of it from my very self-centered perspective (don’t you love me already?).

Now, just so you know, as much as I love bikes, I kinda suck at it. This season is my attempt to get back at racing after a failed attempt about 6 years ago. In the meantime I kept riding, with a couple of attempts at racing, although nothing real was accomplished due mostly to lack of time for training and health reasons. But this season I decided to find the time and invested in a fancy new bike with fancy new wheels and other fancy stuff to use as commitment devices. And I will let you know here all about how this thing goes.

What else? Well, I am fairly disorganized and unstructured, so this cycling blog will probably be sprinkled with dogs (as I have two adorable German shepherd monsters), and I simply don’t seem to be capable of keeping any part of my life separated from dogs (be them mine or random beasts) anyways. It will also have some health spicing as my asthma tends to interfere with many of my bike adventures, especially those of competitive nature and are a great source of misadventures and self-deprecation. Some side dishes may be a bit of economics (professional deformation), politics, religion (or lack-of-thereof), Chile (my home country), and I am sure I’ll find some more stuff to add to the cooking.

But it will mostly be about bikes, because I love bikes, big part of my life revolves around bikes, and I just love talking bike.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Asthma and biking? Yikes.

Okay, can you explain to me, why can they make bikes with great wheels, but horrible seats?

C said...

well... no, I can't. Mostly all I can say is that those saddles are made for racing and are supposed to be light and aerodynamic and make you fast, regardless of how much pain it takes. And that can be a lot.

My alternative explanation (non exclusive from the previous one) is that they are a right of passage: they are supposed to hurt at first until you develop some sort of calluses or something on your butt, and then you can ride on... except that the pain never fully goes away. It then starts taken the form of sores, and they are actually named saddle sores; and believe me, they are the best birth control pill EVER.